Our vision

To make better investment decisions as a blockchain professional, you often use your own investment methods, such as:

- Analyzing daily news published on various websites
- Searching correlations between news and prices

However, managing an ever-growing amount of daily news is very challenging, due to:

Lack of time

It takes time to read all news every day, from several sources.

Too much information

It is hard to separate relevant information from the noise.

Information relevance

It can be challenging to identify patterns in order to validate your hypotheses.

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, now, you won’t miss blockchain investment opportunities ever again.


Active hours


Daily published blockchain news


Number of different blockchain projects available

Our solution

We offer a web platform that helps blockchain professionals find blockchain investment opportunities by testing their own investment methods based on news.

Grydl Analytics helps you:

  • 1 - Save time, by collecting and reading all news in one place
  • 2 - Validate your investment hypotheses, by finding correlations in news
  • 3 - Act on critical news faster, by setting news notifications


With Grydl Analytics, you won’t miss blockchain investment opportunities ever again.

Our company

We are a start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland specializing in Big Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Unlike other competitors : we do not provide buying signals or turn-key analysis. You find and test your own investment method, based on news.

Our product

Our platform helps blockchain professionals analyze news, to find blockchain investment opportunities.

Use our search engine to find relevant Blockchain news

Find correlations between digital asset price and criteria such as opinion (negative or positive news), sources, locations, categories, dates, companies, people, day of the week, etc.

Set your own investment criteria and get notified when they are met.



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