Our vision

You are a crypto investor and to make buy/sell decisions you need to use your own investment methods such as:

- Search for news or big announcements on social media or crypto websites.
- Analyze crypto prices and charts with technical indicators to find different buy/sell opportunities.
- Search and analyze lots of ICO reviews every day.

Now, you are desperately seeking some ways to quickly set up your investment method and get automatically notified once your investment criteria are met.

Well, you are not alone; just like you, other cryptocurrency investors face similar challenges.

Lack of time

Collecting, grouping, and filtering raw data from all exchanges and websites to find the right information takes time.

Programming skills

You need good programming skills to develop a notification system.

Volume of information

Identifying the right parameters to improve your profit can be challenging because of the large amount of data available.

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, you can now meet these challenges head on!


Exchange trading hours


Number of different cryptocurrencies available.


New ICOs every day

Our product

We provide cryptocurrency investors with an online platform that allows them to get notified when their investment criteria are met.

Grydl Analytics lets you :

  • Query cryptocurrency market data in real-time or throughout any historical period, to get any specific information or statistics.
  • Set all your decision criteria and create spreadsheets to monitor them.
  • Improve your investment method using our artificial engine.


With Grydl Analytics, never miss cryptocurrency investment opportunities again.

Our company

We are a start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

We provide a powerful and easy-to-use web platform.

Unlike our competitors : we do not provide buy signals or turnkey analysis. You validate your own cryptocurrency investment methods and set your own notification criteria.

Our solution

With Grydl Analytics web platform, you can:

Create your own spreadsheets by combining various columns, such as price, team, total supply, ICO price, price change, technical indicators, Bitcoin Talk, Reddit posts, etc., directly on the platform.

Set up your own investment criteria and get notified when they are met.

Discover new investment approaches derived from your initial investment method with our artificial intelligence engine.


Simple to Use

No programming skills needed.

Time Saving

Get all of your decision criteria on one single platform


Improve your investment method.

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