Our vision

To make better decisions as a professional, you often need to cross-check all kinds of information, such as:

- Daily news published on various websites
- Analyst reviews
- Posts on social media

But managing the growing amount of daily news is very challenging, due to:

Lack of time

It takes time to read all news from several sources every day.

Too much information

Reading many news headlines can be tiresome.

Information relevance

Separating relevant information from the noise is hard.

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, now you can read less and be more informed


Active hours


Blockchain news sources


Daily published blockchain news

Our solution

We offer a web platform that helps professionals generate their own personalized summary of news based on their criteria and reading time.

Grydl Analytics helps you:

  • 1 - Get relevant information by creating your own personalized news feeds.
  • 2 - Act on critical news faster by finding correlation in complex data
  • 3 - Save time by generating your own personalized summary of news.


With Grydl Analytics, you can now read less news and be more informed

Our company

We are a start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland specializing in Big Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Unlike other competitors : We do not provide a generic summary, you generate your own summary of news based on your reading time and criteria

Our product

Our platform helps blockchain professionals generate their own personalized summary of blockchain news.

You customize your own list of blockchain sources to be used.

You create your own news feeds by filtering with some criteria such as opinion (negative or positive news), sources, locations, categories, dates, companies, people, reading time, etc.

You generate a personalized summary based on your criteria and reading time



All your news in one place

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A personalized news summary


Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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