Our vision

As a Blockchain professional, you often need to crosscheck all kinds of information such as:

- Daily news published on various websites
- Posts on social media and forums
- Some recent statistics

But you are probably facing huge challenges such as:

Lack of time

Daily collection of news from different websites takes time.

Volume of information

Reading many news headlines can be tiresome.

Information relevance

Most of the time, the news collected are irrelevant.

Now you can find all the relevant Blockchain-related news by using statistics on published articles.


Exchange trading hours


Blockchain information sources


daily published Blockchain news

Our solution

With the Grydl Analytics web platform, you can:

  • 1 - Save time by getting in real-time all Blockchain news in one dashboard
  • 2 - Focus only on relevant information by searching specific topics with our search bar
  • 3 - Always be up to date by discovering hot topics, trending companies and most mentioned geographical locations, thanks to our graphs


With Grydl Analytics, never miss interesting news about Blockchain again

Our company

We are a start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland specializing in the Blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies.

We provide a powerful news aggregator specifically designed for Blockchain content.

Unlike other competitors : Grydl Analytics allows you to find all the relevant Blockchain news by using statistics on published articles.

Our product

Our platform helps Blockchain professionals to find relevant news by using statistics on published articles.

How Grydl Analytics works :

We aggregate raw information from multiple Blockchain websites, forums, blogs, and social media.

We calculate in real-time various statistics such as hot topics, trending companies, most prominent dates and most mentioned geographical locations.

You use our statistics dashboard to find articles that matter to you



All news in one place

Easy to use

Filter with a search bar


All statistics in real-time

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