Our vision

Perhaps you have noticed certain patterns in cryptocurrency price fluctuations and you are probably asking yourself various types of questions, such as:

Does Bitcoin’s value increase when Ether’s drops?
Have all cryptocurrencies with a total supply under 5 million given a 1000% yield in 3 months?
Does Bitcoin’s value surge 10% before each important announcement?

You wish there were some ways to quickly evaluate the expected return of these sorts of hypotheses, to find cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Like you, other cryptocurrency investors face various challenges:

Lack of time

Collecting, grouping and filtering raw data to evaluate the expected return of your hypotheses, takes time.

Programming skills

You need good programming skills to automate these tasks.

Volume of information

Identifying parameters to improve your investment strategy can be challenging because of the large amount of information that needs to be analyzed.

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, you can now meet these challenges head on!


Volume, in billions of dollars, of cryptocurrencies traded daily.


Exchange trading hours


Number of different cryptocurrencies available.

Our product

We provide cryptocurrency investors with an online platform allowing them to find cryptocurrency investment opportunities by evaluating the expected return of their own hypotheses.

Grydl Analytics lets you :

  • Create spreadsheets and dashboards to monitor all your decision criteria
  • Filter and calculate the expected return of your hypotheses on a given period
  • Receive investment recommendations derived from your initial hypothesis.


With Grydl Analytics, find cryptocurrency investment opportunities by yourself

Our company

We are a start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

We provide a powerful and easy-to-use web platform.

Unlike our competitors : we do not provide buying signals or turn-key analysis. You instantly create and evaluate your own investment strategies.

Our solution

With Grydl Analytics web platform, you can:

Create data analysis spreadsheets by combining and filtering several technical indicators and various sources (news, Poloniex, Twitter, Kraken, Coinmarketcap, economic indicators, Bitcoin Talk, Reddit, etc.) directly on the platform.

Explore your data and calculate the expected return of your hypotheses on a given period.

Discover other profitable investment strategies based on your initial hypothesis, with our data analysis and artificial intelligence engine.


Simple to Use

No programming skills needed.

Time Saving

View and filter all your decision criteria on a single platform.


Discover new investment approaches derived from your initial hypothesis.

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